Thursday, May 21, 2015

slightly out of focus

Recently I had a wonderful day with photo friends on a “shoot” at a commercial garden center in the wine country. Each area of the center was a garden commissioned for a specific purpose. Beautiful designs, some were gimmicky, others seemed to fit beautifully into the terrain. On the edge of the gardens was a large pond with a little island of water lilies blooming in the very warm afternoon. Obviously planned, but yet they seemed to break free from the human connection. I was so glad for the focus of this picture….enough out of focus to enhance their incredible beauty. Slightly out of focus is my creative mantra going into summer.

Monday, May 4, 2015

at home here

Nature, even in a big city, has so many aspects. I have often driven past this corner, but had not actually walked along this sidewalk in many years. The wonderful Victorian mansion at the corner and the two almost identical houses that were built by its owner for his two daughters in the 1880’s has always been of interest. It is lushly landscaped and I had admired that. I remembered the enormous tree, but had never realized its odd form—almost like a windmill. I assume that it is New Zealand Norfolk Island Pine, but have never noticed one quite in this form. It was a joy to sit on a busy corner and think about this ancient tree, thousands of miles from its origin and absolutely “at home”. So many of us fit that description. I do feel absolutely at home here.

Friday, April 24, 2015

it is

The calendar indicates that we are well into spring. The weather has another idea. Cold winds are blowing down from the Gulf of Alaska and there is a wintry chill in the air. I even thought about bringing out my favorite winter coat, one that got very little use in actual winter. Bundled up, I walked to the farmer’s market in my neighborhood. It is definitely spring. The burst of scent from these lovely sweet peas said it. The tiny spring onions and snap peas and baby carrots said it. So will I. It is spring. Btw, I struggle with whether or not to capitalize spring/Spring. My heart tells me yes, my early education says no. Miss Brickel from elementary school won. But, it must be Spring in my heart.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So often the world I live in is constructed, life is lived at fast pace and the people I know are very much “scheduled” in their lives. It is a good world, good people and interesting things happen at such a pace. But, there is something almost primeval in the need to connect at a different level—one that is recurring, not constructed and exists without anything from me or another human. This explosion of beauty took me out of the urban and into the natural…and it was in a corner being reclaimed by nature.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

wind in the grass

Creative Commons License
wind in the grass

I am hungry.

I want to look.

              To look somewhere

in summer grasses


to the next ridge

to the long coast ─

                             breakers surging

              then falling back

whole again

to a place

where need

or lust

yes, hunger

demands my presence.

I will occasionally post some recent poems here. Please respect the Creative Commons attribution.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

some silliness

This afternoon there was a ruckus in my neighborhood. I encountered a “marching band” oom pah pahing and banging drums…suddenly they went around the corner to a house nearby and started playing….a bit out of tune…a rousing version of Happy Birthday to a surprised recipient. Lots of laughing, everyone getting into a festive mood. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, as I was coming back from a board meeting. But, it reminded me of another type of frivolity last weekend at the old Mint where the historical society was holding an open house for all the neighborhood history groups. This trio was singing out across the City with a Victorian joy that was better musically, but still a lot of fun. Just a reminder to me of how serious life can seem if you don’t make time for some silliness. Loved it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

a meander in Spring

Winter doldrums, a bout with the flu and a few busy days have dominated this month. Even the inspiration to write or photograph has been very limited and almost non-existent. Yesterday, as I strolled the neighborhood for some exercise, I stopped by a community garden a few blocks from my house to check on the season. Lots of beautiful winter kinds of food stuffs…chard and broccoli and a hint of spring in the blossom of the cherry tree at the edge of the garden. As I sort of half-heartedly meandered through the plots, an amazing little row of bright blossoms said essentially, “snap out of it”. Nice to be jolted into the reality of a glorious change of seasons.