Friday, November 28, 2014

one step at a time

The challenges in life sometimes seem repetitive. New opportunities for learning ─ and lessons not learned, or partly learned ─ are there to be “climbed” again and again. Watching this wonderful little bumble bee make his way up the steps made me so aware of my joy when something new presents itself. It is really only one step at a time, regardless of the time in life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a turn in time

Autumn: watching the trees turn and the falling leaves accumulate in windfall; winter plants beginning to bloom in our Mediterranean climate; thousands of birds migrate overhead in the Pacific Flyway as they go south….the changing seasons, a turn in time. Today, I saw a wonderful sign of spring….seed pods that were brilliant orange flowers just weeks ago. Seeds that will generate in the winter rains and produce another kind of beauty when the days are long again.

A good model and impetus for looking seriously at what works, what is no longer relevant or applicable, and what can be modified in the contemplative shorter days of winter. Some days are less fulfilling now ─ a clear indication that plans and processes need revision.

Change direction: fairly easy to say and so very difficult to do….at least at this stage of my life.