Friday, April 24, 2015

it is

The calendar indicates that we are well into spring. The weather has another idea. Cold winds are blowing down from the Gulf of Alaska and there is a wintry chill in the air. I even thought about bringing out my favorite winter coat, one that got very little use in actual winter. Bundled up, I walked to the farmer’s market in my neighborhood. It is definitely spring. The burst of scent from these lovely sweet peas said it. The tiny spring onions and snap peas and baby carrots said it. So will I. It is spring. Btw, I struggle with whether or not to capitalize spring/Spring. My heart tells me yes, my early education says no. Miss Brickel from elementary school won. But, it must be Spring in my heart.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So often the world I live in is constructed, life is lived at fast pace and the people I know are very much “scheduled” in their lives. It is a good world, good people and interesting things happen at such a pace. But, there is something almost primeval in the need to connect at a different level—one that is recurring, not constructed and exists without anything from me or another human. This explosion of beauty took me out of the urban and into the natural…and it was in a corner being reclaimed by nature.