Saturday, January 24, 2015

repetitive, but joyful

January seems to be a fresh burst of spring with the temperatures in the 60’s, the sun almost painfully bright. As I took a photo of the blooming street trees near my house it seemed strangely déjà vu. So, I went back to this week in previous years in my photos. Sure enough, year after year after year, I have photographed gloriously blooming street trees in this week of January. Well, I guess that is California in winter. Repetitive, but joyful.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

stomp, stomp

Outside the local laundromat where a young mother was doing laundry, her little boy was dancing and singing again and again: It’s a beautiful day….then stomp, stomp… It’s a beautiful day…stomp, stomp. Such joy. Probably something he is learning in his kindergarten. An hour later, I am simply consumed by the melody It’s a be-u-ti-ful day. Seven notes, then stomp, stomp. Thanks, kid.

No photo available, so I thought this photo from the Carnaval parade represented his joy.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

at the first sense

A brilliantly clear and bright morning to start the New Year. This was the coldest morning of winter for us so far. Not much compared to other parts of the world, but noticeable for the creatures and humans who are in the out of doors today. I loved the attitude of this sweet bird….its song attracted me to the bare branch where it was perched. The rose hips in the background are a fine reminder of the year past. And then, I saw the slight bulges on this enormous rose bush waiting to leaf out at the first sense of Spring. A fitting sighting for the first day of the year. Happy New Year to you and I hope that you are warm wherever you are.