Thursday, October 29, 2015



The proud eagles on top of one of San Francisco's older buildings relate to what I tend to think of as a time that was simpler and perhaps more patriotic. I love the grandeur that is represented in these symbols.

Here in my City, next week we will vote on which leaders will take us as a community through the next couple of years. We have a long ballot with 11 propositions to consider, several of major importance to how we will live and who we will be as a people. Friends and neighbors are actually talking about the implications in community forums and one-to-one. I believe we "talk" because we are seeing impressive results of past measures in upgrading parks, transit and support for children. Now, as a community we are focused on housing affordability and coping with the changes brought by thousands of new folks who have chosen to share this exceptional place. And, we can change.

But, just as on the national level, much of our local media is focused on sensational personal attacks, searching for scandal and thereby debasing the process. I am thankful that our place is still small enough that we can gather to talk, to act and to change. For me, that is responsible democracy--making considered choices. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Sometimes, my view of my perceived world is narrow. Sometimes deep. But, I know that at some points I miss the broader view. A poet friend died on Friday and I realize that our last conversations were focused on minutiae about writing poetry and poets she had known, little reminiscences of the past and about the temperature of the room. I am glad that, as her friend, we were able to focus on what she wanted to talk about and not what I expected. I will go back to her books of poetry and try to expand that conversation to a somewhat broader view….it will all be there. Our farewell talks were not what I expected nor what I think would be meaningful in completing my journey. I am certain, however, that I will cherish the memory of them....especially because we laughed.