Sunday, October 11, 2015


Sometimes, my view of my perceived world is narrow. Sometimes deep. But, I know that at some points I miss the broader view. A poet friend died on Friday and I realize that our last conversations were focused on minutiae about writing poetry and poets she had known, little reminiscences of the past and about the temperature of the room. I am glad that, as her friend, we were able to focus on what she wanted to talk about and not what I expected. I will go back to her books of poetry and try to expand that conversation to a somewhat broader view….it will all be there. Our farewell talks were not what I expected nor what I think would be meaningful in completing my journey. I am certain, however, that I will cherish the memory of them....especially because we laughed.


  1. At death, I think maybe it all boils down to minutiae with an emphasis on comfort and fond memories. I'm glad you could spend time with her at the end, Duff. Too often, people shy away from death and don't receive that last gift of remembering. I see you've taken a broad view on the photo (which I like).

    1. Thanks, Barb. I live in a place where many folks do not have children or even family to gather round at the time of dying. It then becomes friends making the glad that we have that and not just the isolation of a medical facility. I was concerned that I was being "too cute" in the broad view of the glad for you comment!

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