Sunday, September 6, 2015

laboring and twists and turns

The twists and turns of the this summer have been somewhat overwhelming, but probably not as permanent as those inflicted on this street tree near my home. An enforced silence due to changing computers/operating systems. But, perhaps I will be able to join the blog world once again. Happy Labor Day to all who celebrate in whatever way. This morning, I am particularly remembering an ancient time at a Labor Day parade with my grandfather. Small towns once did that sort of thing....and my grandfather truly loved parades and celebrations. Now, and for much of my life, it is just the last big holiday of summer.

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  1. Oh - that tree is twisted! I'm glad to see you back, Duff. I've taken a break, too, and I find it hard to start back up after weeks away from the blog. I do like to disconnect once and awhile, but then I miss my blog friends. Hope you're learning your new system. I started on a Mac about 5 years ago after many years of Windows, and it was quite the learning curve. It's good for my old brain to face a challenge once and awhile. My mother also loved celebrations and parades. This weekend we had 2 birthday boys at our house, so there was a lot of celebrating that involved cake!